Developing with Chrome?

I am slowly being tempted to start developing websites on Chrome.

It all started with something all browsers are beginning to catch on with. Plugins! Plugins are extra functionality added on to your browser to help you perform certain tasks. Some are very simple, but other are invaluable towards specific type of work that you do.

I use Firefox to do my web development work. The reason for this is primarily because Firefox supports an invaluable plug in called Firebug. It is a debugger type of plugin that lets me examine HTML, CSS and Javascript code in real time and lets me figure out how to make web pages behave the way I would like them to.

Recently I found there is a plugin for Chrome called Firebug Lite which gives Firebug functionality for Chrome. Although Firefox has been a wonderful browser for me, If the same functionality appears in Google Chrome, I will switch to Chrome as my primary development browser. Why, very simply because the number tell me so.

Firefox is one of the few Gecko style browsers left. That along with Opera, constitutes the remaining browsers which consisted initially of Netscape and Mosaic. Chrome is a Webkit browser, a well supported browser style with has Safari as a player. I find that the behavior between Safari and Chrome is not much different, which means that this helps with cross browser testing.

I'm also finding that Firefox is lately showing some browser weirdness, displaying behaviors which are uncommon among other browsers. This begins to worry me since this is the reason I dislike the internet explorer type browsers.

Chrome is pretty much a baby in the browser wars, but the support team it has and the functionality its bringing to the table. The temptation to switch is building. Just a few features more. Stay tuned.