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Create an i-Pad Inspired Bookshelf Using Photoshop

Often when I need to learn how to do something, I use the web and the wealth of tutorials that are available. However, not very often, there will be a tutorial that is both timely, and very good.

Unfortunately, this is the web, and websites can come and go with actions as simple as moving your web site to another location, or folding your hosting account.

To an Innovator, Steve Jobs

The world lost a major figure and innovator in its history Wednesday, October 5th when Apple made an announcement that Steve Jobs had passed away at the age of 56.

Like many people, I learned of his death through one of the devices he helped bring to this world. A first generation iPad. To me, Steve Jobs was a captivating speaker, a innovative thinker, a unique leader, and a business role model.

The Netflix Issue Queue

It has been a fascinating few months to hear about the moves being made by Netflix. Actions which will surely be scrutinized in future textbooks and business management courses.

Prior to July, Netflix was at a all time high. They were a strong stock, and were the leading provider of DVD's in the United States recently seeing their main rival Blockbuster being ousted. They were beginning to provide a streaming service which allowed streaming of movies to an iPhone, iPad, and virtually any current video game console or most set top television boxes.

The HTML5 Video Wars

There is lots of HTML5 news this past week. Unfortunately, some of it is not good.

It appears that W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) is finally looking to adopt this as a standard. They went as far as to release a logo for the standard (which appears on the graphics). This is a sign that this is leading towards the adoption of the standard, which most all browsers support already with the exception of Internet Explorer.

Waiting for the Future

I look to the future where the browsers all support HTML5 and CSS3.

Having worked with Front-End development for most of my career, I have dealt with building sites with a multitude of designs. Mostly all of them have had different fonts, drop shadows, gradient colors, and rounded corners. Basically seeing this in a design meant taking the comp or PSD to Photoshop and spend several hours cutting images up to appropriate sizes, and spend more time coding up elements in order to pull off the design.

Why Android Wins in the End

I'm not going to lie, I am a huge fan of my iPhone and I wouldn't give it up for anything, but right now the big talk in phones is iOS vs. Android. Based on what I am seeing, I believe that Android will be the clear cut winner at the end of the phone OS wars.

What OS X Lion Means

Apple recently announced the upcoming release of OS X 10.7 known as Lion. The announcement led us to a few new features which may change the future of personal computing on the desktop and laptop.

Lion present applications with full screen capability and user interfaces much like the mobile applications found on your phone. Some may even say that they are trying to make desktop apps more like mobile apps. Well....they are.

Google v. Facebook

It has become extremely obvious that the next big technology rivalry will be Google vs. Facebook. Some may question why Facebook would want anything to do with what Google is doing. That is not the way to view this. You have to question why Google would want anything to do with what Facebook is doing.

Welcome Drupal 7

On January 5, 2011, Drupal 7 was released to the general public. Its creation was part of a three year process by the Drupal community, and its release is a celebration by the community of a platform that keeps getting stronger, more popular, and more supported.

Drupal has come a long way. My exposure to Drupal started around Drupal 5, where things were tough to override, modules were somewhat limited, and you still needed two key modules to get things done. namely the modules CCK (Content Construction Kit) and Views.

Developing with Chrome?

I am slowly being tempted to start developing websites on Chrome.

It all started with something all browsers are beginning to catch on with. Plugins! Plugins are extra functionality added on to your browser to help you perform certain tasks. Some are very simple, but other are invaluable towards specific type of work that you do.