Why Android Wins in the End

I'm not going to lie, I am a huge fan of my iPhone and I wouldn't give it up for anything, but right now the big talk in phones is iOS vs. Android. Based on what I am seeing, I believe that Android will be the clear cut winner at the end of the phone OS wars.

Why would I say that? Very simply, because its open. Open architecture I mean. Android is based on the Java platform a platform with enormous proliferation around the world with numerous professional developers. The iPhone is based around the Objective C language which has a large developer base as well, but nothing along the lines of the developer base of Java.

Along with that, developers don't have to worry about having their apps being rejected by Apple by not meeting with the criteria specified by Apple. Android developers have the luxury to know where whatever they write will be available. This may mean some malicious code may come across, but for the most part, the community will weed them out.

The last main plus (which is also a minus) is the large availability of hardware and hardware developers. HTC, Motorola, and Sprint have been really leading the charge in terms of hardware. The problem is, simply, all the hardware is different, different screen resolutions, different version of the OS on these phones. lead to difficulties setting standards with these phones, leading to different user experiences. This can lead to the "Why doesnt my phone do this?" syndrome.

This however can be fixed and may be something that Google needs to take the reigns on. By setting appropriate guidelines, they can really set the standards for all hardware manufacturers, This helps developers as well, allowing them to set what they have to work with and expanding upon that.

Do you thing Google can be the leader in setting these standards. Yes. I think they can. Once this standardization takes place, it only a matter of time before Android wins outright.